Sail Amsterdam great video

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Today I was teaching about transportation in Europe. Unfortunately, later – during afternoon I came across this very good video. It is from event “Sail Amsterdam” few years ago. Similar, also good, but longer video can be seen here.


SpaceX confirmed its plan to launch over 4000 internet satellites into space

May 6, 2017 1 comment

Elon Musk continues to surprise. Almost each month there is new big plan by one of his companies (tunnels under LA, new gigafactory etc) and now SpaceX confirmed plan to launch over 4000 satellites into space. There has been many news about this project in the past, but now it seems to be much more realistic. Recently SpaceX has asked US government to get permission to launch its own internet network from orbit.

If SpaceX follows through its plan, company will start to provide wide range of broadband and communication services for people all over the world. So far satellite internet is slow and expensive, but with this plan it might change. similar plans has already OneWeb company, but plan of Elon Musk seems most realistic – as SpaceX did already prove to have reusable space rockets. Company plans to launch and release satellites into orbit till the end of 2024.

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It is already 7.5 billion of us

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Remember when our planet reached 7 billion milestone? It wasn´t such a long time ago. Few days ago, the world’s population has just passed 7.5 billion, according to the “World Population Clock” –

Current population explosion is really just a recent thing. It took mankind 200 000 years to reach milestone of one billion. And than only in 200 years it reached 7 billion. According to UN predictions there will be 8.5 billion of us in 2030, 9.7 billion in 2050 and over 11 billion in 2100. With reaching 7.5 milestone there are many new interesting articles or graphs.

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Google Zeitgeist 2016

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China is building the world’s largest airport

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20th century was the century of cars, 21st century is and is going to be the century of planes. And in China they realize this. Since 2014 China is building the world’s largest airport near Beijing. Its current airport Beijing Capital International Airport is running at near its full capacity.

Daxing District airport in Beijing is intended to take the mantle of the world’s largest airport. So far largest airport (by number of passengers) is in Atlanta. New airport near Beijing will cover an area of 2,680 hectares. With planned 9 runways, the $11 Billion mega-project is one huge Chinese investmens into new infrastructure. Even though China’s economy grows at its slowest pace in decades, they can still build things like this.

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Road Through The Night Sky

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As often with this, I start with saying there are many, maybe too many time-lapse videos nowadays. So on this page we are trying to share and spread only the ones that are really good, worth wathching and related to geography. Following time-lapse video is from Jeseníky mountains in Czech Republic.

There are less and less places to watch stary sky in Europe, as visual pollution is almost everywhere. Jeseníky still belong to places, where amazing stargazing is still possible.

Trash – out of sight, out of mind?

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For 30 days, Rob Greenfield is wearing every single piece of trash that he creates while living just like the average American which creates 4.5 pounds of trash per day. That’s 135 pounds by the end of 30 days. Most people never think twice about their trash, once it’s in the garbage can, it’s out of sight, out of mind. Through this project, Rob, the award-winning filmmakers at Living on One, and Gary Bencheghib are out to change that through a film series.

More about the project

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