geography games

Collection of learning games or applications. You can use them as a help with your studying, or just for fun.


Physical geography


– test your knowledge from hydrology of Slovakia

useful map for learning the names of geomorphological units



– almost everything from FG of Europe at

– European rivers, surface, islands and peninsulas


Human geography


– cities in Slovakia learning game in purposegames

find the city location at FG map

cities – can you name the cities from the short video?

industry in Slovakia

Administrative division: regions  / districts



– countries of Asia: purposegames; sheppardsoftware or at

capitals of Asia



– would you recognize European countries?

– toporopa (learning countries, capitals, EU members…)

– another good game for learning European capitals

– learning countries and capitals at Sheppard Software



world pexeso  (continents)

continents and their basic characteristics

Great Cities of the World (google street view game)

World Geography Games

I Know The World (can you name and spell every country in the world?)