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Road Through The Night Sky

October 11, 2016 Leave a comment

As often with this, I start with saying there are many, maybe too many time-lapse videos nowadays. So on this page we are trying to share and spread only the ones that are really good, worth wathching and related to geography. Following time-lapse video is from Jeseníky mountains in Czech Republic.

There are less and less places to watch stary sky in Europe, as visual pollution is almost everywhere. Jeseníky still belong to places, where amazing stargazing is still possible.


When huge glacier collapses

March 30, 2016 Leave a comment

Argentina is one of the countries where you can see on mainland magnificant glaciers and where you can also observe how huge glaciers break apart. Following video is from March 9, 2016, when a huge mass of ice broke up into pieces and fell into Argentino Lake.

At this place, an ice bridge collapsed that was part of Perito Moreno Glacier. And there were hundreds of tourist who gathered to witness this event.

A Winter Walz – Winter in Austria

March 22, 2016 Leave a comment

Despite the fact that spring has already begun, for a moment we will take you back to winter months. Not only for winter sports fans but for anyone who enjoys white mountains and winter beauty. Or in other words, a great advertisement of winter holiday in Austria.



Mount Everest Virtual Climb

January 27, 2016 Leave a comment

At height of 8,848 m, Everest is the world’s highest mountain. It’s also one of the deadliest. Television network Discovery Channel happened to be at a lower level preparing to film about different live event, when avalanchce in 2015 happened. Perhaps this proximity to the disaster is why the channel has recently unveiled a dedicated website that explores what happened, and the brutal beauty of Everest in general.

Part of this website is quite realistic simulation of what is would be to embark upon climb to Mt. Everest. Created with the help of the Sherpa Fund, the sim lets you go by the same route taken by the Sherpas, who have physically adapted to withstand the altitude and temperature of the Himalayas.


Click on image to visit virtual climb

High Tatras: Dancing with the stars

November 22, 2015 Leave a comment

The Himalayas from 20,000 ft

June 10, 2015 Leave a comment

Huge salty aquifer found under Antarctica

May 8, 2015 Leave a comment

Despite all of its ice and snow, Antarctica is the driest continent on our planet (in terms of annual rainfall). Most of its area is considered to be polar desert. Scientists studying Antarctica recently conducted research and came with interesting results. Using the special helicopter-borne sensor to penetrate the surface, a team of researchers has gathered compelling evidence that beneath Antarctica’s ice-free McMurdo Dry Valleys lies a salty aquifer. And this aquifer may support previously unknow microbial ecosystems and retain evidence of ancient climate change.

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