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Nobel Peace Prize for Colombian president

October 7, 2016 Leave a comment

colombiaDue to its political nature, Nobel Peace Prize is often subject of controversies. Many politicians who got it didn´t meet expectations. Or were not always as peaceful as thought. So how about this year?

This year The Nobel committe awarded prize to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. Santos has been awarded the Nobel Prize for his efforts to end ongoing conflict in Colombia.

Colombian civil war lasted for 52-years. Over 250 000 people died in this conflict. In 2016 Santos made peace deal with Farc rebels. This deal was rejected in referendum few days ago. The peace treaty was rejected by 50.2% of voters. The Nobel committe acknowledged this result, saying: “What the ‘No’ side rejected was not the desire for peace, but a specific peace agreement.” Committe sees this a challenge – to find the balance between reconciliation and ensuring justice in this war affected country.

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Don’t Stop Traveling Because of Fear

March 27, 2016 Leave a comment

Similar as previous one, following article is quite unusual and also about travelling. Since horrible terrorist attack in Brussels, but also some previous attacks many people are afraid to travel, or are more thinking through where they are going for they holiday. Thinking about it is one thing, but should we be really afraid?

Traveler Jodi Ettenberg from Legal Nomads tries to answer this question. She puts this question into wider perspective and her opinion is worth reading. Actually, I think her article about this topic is one of the best I have read in a long time.

Really recommend to read.

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Berlin battleground- 70 years later

May 8, 2015 Leave a comment

battle of belinToday world remembers the end of WWII – exactly 70 years after Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945. Many sites these days publish articles and photos from the last days of the war.

The Big Picture published article with photos comparing various places in Berlin during the war and now, 70 years after. Photos are from photographer Fabrizio Bensch, who depicted his portrayal of a city laid siege. Bensch bought an exactly equivalent FED camera, a Soviet copy of the German-made Leica II, and use black and white film to capture photos of the same locations he discovered in modern day Berlin. Full article

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Refugee crisis continues – learn about life in refugee camp

April 26, 2015 Leave a comment

refugee campRefugee crisis in Mediterranean and surrounding area worsened this year. More and more refugees are trying to reach Europe from Africa, or from Middle East. And amount of refugees in camps is increasing as well. European politicians are discussing more how to solve this problem, many pages are informing every week about new story from Mediterranean.

Among stories about this issues last weeks two were exceptional. First is page about life in refugee camp.

Page, or project is called Refugee Republic is connection between interactive map, photos and video stories of people living in refugee camp. Project is about camp Domiz in Iraqi Kurdistan and it might change your point of view on people who left their homes because of war. Camp, in which there are over 60 000 refugees from Syria is slowly changing to a town.

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China is considering tunel below Mount Everest

April 9, 2015 Leave a comment
Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Sounds strange, or imposible? Maybe, but not for some people China. Country that already connected Tibet in Himalayas with rest of the country is considering another huge project. Idea about railway below Mount Everest (from China to Kathmandu) came from Nepalese minister of foreign relations. And China is currently considering costs and options of this idea.

If this plan succeeds new railway will connect Nepal with existing Qinghai-Tibet Railway. New railway would significantly affect trade and tourism between both countries. Over past years, Nepal is more and more important for China. The growing Chinese presence in Nepal goes beyond roads and railways, with massive hydroelectric projects, airports and a pilgrimage centre at Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, all slated to receive substantial funding from Beijing.

Qinghai-Tibet Railway is first railway that connects Tibet with rest of China. Construction of this railway was accompanied by significant concerns how it would influence Tibet and Tibetan Plateau. The same concerns arise again with this project….

suggested raiway from Lhasa to Kathmandu

Suggested raiway from Lhasa to Kathmandu

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American convoy goes through Czech Republic

March 29, 2015 Leave a comment

US millitary convoy arrived to Czech Republic this weekend. Convoy is going through Baltic region, Poland, Czech Republic to Germany. And especially in the Czech Republic convoy is met by both supporters as well as demonstrations – people divided over NATO membership, or over Russian intervention in Ukraine. As the criticism is strong, STEM agency conducted poll with results that in fact a vast majority of Czechs – 82 percent – had no issue with the convoy travelling through their territory.

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Snowy Bratislava (30.1.2015)

January 31, 2015 Leave a comment
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