From around the globe

Amusingplanet – interesting, unusual, from all over the world

Pekné fotky – good, sometimes perfect photos from the people behind

Time Magazine – magazine of the Time newspapers – slovak magazine, not only about travelling – BlogMagazine about… well about everything – global geography, articles with historical background, regional analysis, and political and intellectual context for events

Wired magazine – another magazine with interesting stories from around the globe


related to education – najväčší český geografický portál

Seismic Monitor – interactive map, showing seismic activity around the world – country profiles, statistics, charts, maps – time zones, map, converter

Regents Earth Science at Hommocks – great website with lot of resources from astronomy, meteorology, geology

U.S. and World Population Clock – 2010 Census data and the most recent national population estimates.

Earth View – Earth seen from satellite

Aurora Forecast – site about Aurora Borealis, forecast

Breathingearth – interactive map about number of births, deaths and amount of emitted CO2

UNESCO – World Heritage List

Flightradar – watch online airplanes in the air

Flags – flags of all states in the world


Atmosphere & Earth from Space – real time wind map – U.S. National Hurricane Center

Landsat – Nasa website with information and images from Landsat satellite

Global circulation in atmosphere  – animation explaing unequal heating of the Earth´s surface

Coriolis force – animation about this effect


Geography of Slovakia – avalanche maps of Slovakia – soil classification of Slovakia, various maps and plenty of information about soils

Štatistický úrad SR – all information from population cenzuses, demographic characteristics etc.