Travelling resources

Lonely Planet – book guides from Lonely Planet are considered one of the best guides around the world. Often updated, useful information. Their webpage is often updated as well, with lots of information which might help you when planning your trip. Also, you can book there advanture or sightseeing tours and even your flights.

Virtual Tourist – one of many pages about travelling. You can find there information about popular destinations in almost every country in the world.

Wikitravel – like wikipedia, just about travelling. Simple and compact. Pick a country and then you can find information about means of transport going there, tips about food or accomodation. Usually, there is also information about prices, so you can use it when counting how much your trip will cost.

Wild camping tips – new site for travelers with tips about good camps, cottages or bivouacs sleeping places around the world. – one of the biggest resoruces when looking for accomodation, almost everywhere

Skyscanner – are you wondering which companies are flying to your next destination? Type it to skyscanner and it will show you the cheapest flights and the list of companies flying there. – currently the largest provider of air tickets in Slovakia

Do I need Visa? Travelling in Europe is really easy, thanks to Schengen Agreement. But it is different when travelling to other parts of the world. On the page of our ministry of foreign affairs you can see the list of countries where you can travel without asking for visas or special invitation papers.

Lots of good travelling resources and inspirations are in magazines such as National Geographic, GEO, Outdoor etc.


Other Slovak and Czech pages about travelling:

Slovakia travel


Unusual trvelling resources:

  • Falling fruit – unusual project mapping fruit and vegetable markets / resources all over the world